Cabela’s Western Archery Success


This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Western Archery Event at Cabela’s.  I was able to hang out in the Archery Range and teach a few new comers on shooting a bow.  I also had the pleasure of working with JJ with Prois Women’s Apparel and other Pro Staff members throughout the store.  

A taught a Mom, Son and Daughter from Washington State to shoot a bow.  Their dad had shot a bow when he was little and he was so excited that his kids and wife gave it a try. The family was all smiles when leaving the range. 

I would have to say my most memorable moment was when 2 little boys came into the Range.  The Dad was holding the youngest boys hand as I set up his big brother to shoot.  I could hear the little one asking his dad, “Can I shoot Dad?”  The dad saying, “Son I think you’re to little.” Hearing his little voice stayed in the back of my mind as I helped his big brother.  With a POW and a Prize I could see the disappointment on the little ones face, tugging on his dad asking again, “Can I, Can I?”  I kneeled down and asked the youngster his name and he said “Riley”.  I said, “Riley how old or you?”  He shows me his fingers and counts, “one, two, and three” he says… With a big grin I said if you can count to 3 then you can shoot.  Riley’s eyes lit up as bright as the sun and his dad looked at me with a big smile.  I got Riley set up and helped him pull the string back and with the first release a BIG POW of the balloon!!! I think he was the most excited.  It was the biggest smile I think I saw on a Dad’s face.  With Big High Fives the boys were off and all I can do is grin with another success in the Bow Range.

With many more smiles throughout the day, I was so happy and proud to know that we had such a great turn out at Cabela’s and I was able to help so many people.  It is the best feeling I know.