Max Archery 3D Shoot Success

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well.  Can you believe that this summer is passing by so fast?  I really enjoy hunting but I really enjoy summer more at times.  Hehe

I had to share my 3D Archery experience with you.  We were invited by Max Archery to come to their 3D Archery Shoot in Montrose.  So TJ and the kids loaded up and we headed out early Saturday morning.  We had such a great time once arriving.  For never having the opportunity to shoot in a 3D Archery shoot before, we were very excited to experience this event as a family.  The setups of the targets were challenging for the adults but very accessible for the kids. The targets were very angry at the girls and me. I shot most of the targets in the leg and the girls mostly in the backside.  Now TJ on the other hand, he was bulls-eye all the way. (Yes I am admitting it!) LOL. 

From a family that does many activities together this was one of the most enjoyable times we had this summer.  We would highly recommend Max Archery‘s events to any family that would want to have an enjoyable time.

Max Archery’s Team (Jesse and his family, plus Zach and his family) are top notch.  Two of the most down to earth people you could ever hope to meet.  It was such a pleasure to be invited to their event and we can’t wait to go to another one.  If you ever need any help with your bow, I would highly suggest giving them a call.