Quest to Africa No Sweat Journal 2

Can I mention anxious, excitement, nausea feelings, adrenalin, visions of hunting and we haven’t even left yet?  On my last drive to work before our journey to Africa I could only try to imagine what will I see, what will it smell like, what will the terrain look like, how will the weather feel?  Taking the last glance of a herd of elk grazing in the fields this morning brings a big smile to my face, knowing that in a few days those herds could be migrating wildebeest and other plains animals.

TJ and I are packed and are ready for a trip of a lifetime.  I actually think he is a little bit more excited than me but we are both thrilled.  I can say I think I finally know what the true meaning of what anxious feels like.

After stopping by in Goodrich Texas to surprise my Dad (George Gross) as he is working out of town the memories soon arose from my childhood.  As TJ and I drove over Lake Livingston it made me miss my roots of growing up in Louisiana.  Feeling the humidity, the warmth from the sun, the blue waters from the lakes made me feel great inside as if I was in my territory.  I called my Mom and she met us at the overpass and seeing here drive up brought tears to my eyes as it has been so long since we have seen each other.  Even though she is my best friend it was a little bit emotional.  When my Dad got home it was the best feeling I could ever try to explain when giving him a hug.  We all sat outside and we visited about old times, new times, listening to the locus’s, the birds chirp and drank a few cold beverages.  In my eyes it was just making more memories.    I am so proud that we got to stop in to see my Dad and my Mom.

We also had two unexpected guest as two gals showed up that worked with my dad.   They were bow hunters and wanted to meet.  Their names are Niki & Missy.  We shared a few stories and I told them about the Extreme Huntress Contest.  It is always such a privilege to meet more women in the outdoors.

Today we will be leaving for Louisiana to meet my brother (Chris Gross) and stay the night before we fly to New York.  We have an overnight in New York and on Saturday we will part out of the Country to Africa.   I know I will not have service so I plan to keep you posted as I can.

I still want to thank everyone for your support throughout the Extreme Huntress Contest and know that I am so proud to represent our country as the 2012 Extreme Huntress.  The 2013 Extreme Huntress Contest is going on NOW and you have until October 25th to get your essays submitted.  Tahoe Films Extreme Huntress Contest