Lion Hunt

WOW!  Umm… I kind of really don’t know where to start!

So hear I am at work and I get the call!  Jacq we cut a cat track get up here, so I tell my boss, Umm I have to leave and take a personal day so I trucker out of the office.

Note the Cat was not in a tree it was on the edge of a cliff and my 110 lbs had to figure out how to lean over the cliff while my fiance was holding me by my bibs so I could take a shot before the cat jumped.  “DID I MENTION THEY ARE HOLDING MY BY MY BIBS SO I WOULDN’T SLIP OFF THE CLIFF” lol

I jump on the snowmobile and ride up the ridge as far as it can go.  Then the hike was on with my Rifle cuz their was know way I was going to be able to stick it with my bow at the angle.  I make it to the top of the ridge and all I can do is look down and think wow, how did I get up here so high.  So hear we are on the edge of a cliff and they are like Jacq take my pistol and look in the hole and shoot and I am like what and then the cat jumps out on the edge of the cliff and start’s GROWLING and they are like shoot, shoot, shoot, grab your rifle. (Note that all of this happened in about 7 seconds AND THE BOYS THAT WERE WITH US WERE SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS SHOOT.) See I didn’t have the pistol in hand yet, only having my rifle on my shoulder and immediately instincts took over and BOOM I shoot and the lion falls about 80 feet and everyone is breathing hard in shock and my knees are trembling as my heart is thumping so loud it can be heard!

I take a few breathers and start the hike down in the snow to retrieve my cat.  I slip and slide and hike and slide I made it down below and grabbed my cat by its tail and started to walk down the mountain and guess what.  I tripped and slid about 30 yards holding the Lion by her tail.  But it was ok it beat walking! LOL  My adrenalin ran for about 6 hours and it is still running when I talk about the experience.  It was so intense.  I have to say the cat meat is the best meat I have ever eaten out of all the wild game I have hunted.

Meeker, Colorado with Jackie