Cabelas Kids Festival

 I wanted to share with you the amazing weekend I had at Cabelas for Kids Festival.  Tj and I set up our booth for BowKrazy then quickly the kids poured into the Archery Range wanting to shoot!  We had lil girls, lil boys, middle aged kids, all the way to Mom’s that were shooting with their kids!!  It was so awesome seeing the kid’s big smiles on their faces when they would hit a balloon, more so seeing their parent’s big smiles of being so proud of their children!  One lil girl was so precious she told her big brother, “Hahahah you missed and I didn’t”!  It reminded me when I was growing up and wanting to beat my big brother at everything!  It was such a great experience seeing each child’s face after they shot their first bow, it touched my heart being able to see the kids smile so big!  This one lil boy who could only be a smear over 6 years old shot 2 balloons and told Mr. TJ, “Mr. TJ this is how you’re supposed to do it!”  His Mom was smiling so big and we were laughing!  It was such a great day being able to give back to the Community and working with each kid.  We had the pleasure of showing 75 plus kids how to shoot their first bow and that made us proud!  What more can you say, only we can make the difference for the Next Generation of Hunters!   You can view more photos at Krazy Kidz Photos .

 Not only did the event turn out to be great but I was also able to test my Crooked Horn Outfitter Backpack Bow Hook while teaching!  Being able to rest the bow on my side while I showed the kids how to shoot made it simple and made my bow handy when needed!  

I will keep you posted on my next adventures and again thank you for the support!