Bow Hunting Turkey

Bow Hunting Turkey is one of my favorite HUNTS!  Opening weekend it was a spring cold sleety storm that rolled through; TJ and I were calling it for the day and as we stood up, “BUSTED” 2 Turkey’s less than 15 yards away!  We got turked by some turks!  

We continued to hunt throughout the weekends and after a 20 yard miss on Saturday I just thought I was doomed!  I had to revert back to the basics, PATIENCE & REMAIN CALM is what some people say, I say adrenalin and uncontrollable excitement! 

Sunday I talked Turkey to a Gobbler at 87 yards, but he just wouldn’t leave his hens and come in bow range.  So back at it again on Wednesday, another hail storm is rolling in and the wind picks up and I see my 2 hens that were with my Gobbler 2 days before.  I begin to breathe slowly knowing my adrenalin, shaky hands, and chattering teeth are about to take over my body.  I look out my blind and see him, 31 yards in BOW RANGE!   Successful hunt, with a broken arrow!  So proud to have my 1st Gobbler while Bow Hunting, 20 lbs – 8” Beard.  HAPPY  BOW HUNTER with my Trusty HOYT!

Bow Hunting Turkey's

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    • Thank you Becca! I love the Outdoors! I am going to cook`em for the weekend!

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