Blue Marlin Catch Jackie Gross Coast of Venice, Louisiana

I wanted to catch some big fish – so we decided to book a Tuna Fishing Charter out of Venice, Louisiana w/Paradise Outfitters.  After my long hours of work on Wednesday August 26thwe loaded up, and trucked it to Venice, Louisiana arriving at our lodge in the midnight hour. 

The next morning we are watching the weather and knew by all means it was going to be Ruff in the Gulf.  30 mile an hour winds – 4 to 6 ft swells so we prepared ourselves for the ride of a lifetime.  
We caught our bait and headed out (note we are tuna fishing using live bait) – Blue water here we come!  We get our first excitement when we see a lemon shark swimming by the back of the boat while setting the lines. Then we start trolling for some tuna and bam the rod tips over and one of the guys reels in a tuna. One down 18 to go! 
The wind starts to pick up and we decided to haul out to another area, riding the rollercoaster of a life time in a 30 ft catamaran.  I was able to witness 3 of us go air borne at the same time while sitting on the fish box then one falling to the floor with the wind knocked out of him – nothing broken though.  We finally make it to our next destination and we see the clouds rolling in.  We are hearing nothing but negative fishing results on the CB about Guys it is ruff, no fish, no fish.  So our Captain gives us the truth yall this is tuff fishing today and it isn’t looking so pretty, but being my birthday and all he said lets troll a bit more and catch you a tuna. 
We start trolling and now the gulf is knocking on us, 6 – 8 ft swells and wee just riding them out while we troll.  The wind is blowing the line around; one line gets caught in the motor.  We get the line out then
 here we go baby ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – rod bent down have a tuna.  Captain Josh hands me the reel and said have at it babe catch ya a tuna.  So as I am struggling to reel this baby in, I look at the guys and say I am not trying to be a Puss but someone HELP ME, and boy was I ever getting made fun off!  Well then I holler – “I SWEAR  SOMEONE HELP ME” and as soon as I say that I 103” BLUE MARLIN jumps out of the water. 
IT’S A BLUE, IT’S A BLUE HELP HER Captain Bobby hollers, one guy comes grabs me by my waist so I don’t go overboard, cuz note I was not letting go of the Rod, then Captain Bobby comes grab the other part of the rod and here I go baby the fight is on!!!
REEL, REEL, REEL, BOBBY YELLS CAPTAIN JOSH IS MANUEVERING THE BOAT SO WE CAN CATCH THIS BLUE MARLIN~~~ AGAIN CAPTAIN BOBBY, REEL, REEL, REEL!!!  Here we go!!!!  The Captains are coaching me through the whole catch, I have another guy holding me so I don’t go over board and I will tell you what the chase is on!!!!!! <((><  I am reeling, my muscles are aching, my legs are shaking and I am doing all I can to not give up.  We get that Blue Marlin to the boat and I am giving my last effort getting 5 to 6 reels in, jamming on it reeling baby reeling, right at the boat and the Blue Marlin goes nope not yet ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ here we go again, 150 ft out here she goes~~~
I looked right into Captain Bobby’s eyes, and he could see my soreness, he could see my fatigue and he says you’re not giving up!  I turn to Captain Josh, and he looks me dead in eyes and said you can do this.  I take a deep breath and here we go again,   but this time there is no reel, reel, reel.  It is ½ reel, rest, ½ reel rest, 1 reel rest.  That Baby was not moving.  As I would reel the drag would go, I would reel again then zzzz there goes the drag.  (Note: we were fishing for tuna; we do not have the right leaders and just know that we can loose this Blue Marlin at any time.  And again I am not sitting in a fighting chair, I am standing up with a belt tied in a knot around my waste so I could place me rod into it) I remember telling the guy behind me just don’t let me go. 
So then we run around the boat, Captain Bobby smacks himself in the head, still moving and here we go again.  At this point I am fatigue but NOT GIVING UP! 
I start feeling a bit sick and I look at Captain Josh and say I feel like I have to throw up he said go for it babe.  1 second later BLAH, BLAH, right over the boat (yep must be a pro cuz none landed inside the boat), and Captain Bobby going reel, reel, BLAH, while reeling at the same time.  Yep!  Sexy ain’t it!  (Note that the Captain is relaying all of this to all other Captains over the CB around the Gulf).  Then I am dehydrated still not giving up and the Blue is at the bottom, straight down.  So here we go again, Rod tip up, reel ~ Bobby feeding me the line with his hand, reel, you can do it.  Captain Josh encouraging me and all my friends keep it up Jackie~! 
Then after 1.5 hours later of fighting here we have it  we can see her – 30 ft down, the water as blue as can be, she is 103 inches long, just absolutely beautiful.  We get her a bit closer, I hand the rod to Bobby and he and Captain Josh grab hold of her sword, cut the line, take the hook out, I grab the rod put it away as told and look at the blue she was so beautiful.  She was changing colors while putting her in the boat to take quick pictures, and release.  She was shimmering in silver, and a royal blue w/lime yellow and green.  Just absolutely beautiful, gorgeous may I say.  We lay her down on the side of the boat as she revives herself and there she goes swims back off into the blue crystal waters of the Gulf as if she just played a reel good round of tugawore. 
Then next thing you know I am in the water and so is Captain Bobby, Tradition for catching a Blue Marlin in the Gulf Blue Seas, so I am swimming, relaxing as wow what an experience then the thought crosses my mind of the big shark that we saw swimming around the boat and the water wasn’t feeling all that too relaxing anymore.  So I swam up, gave high fives to all my friends and off to the Marina for a celebration party.
We hung up our success Blue Marlin Flag on the out riggers, started the engines up and prepared ourselves for the 3 hour roller coaster ride home.  I smiled while sitting in the bean bag thinking to myself what a lifetime experience.  Something that know one could ever imagine on a tuna fishing charter, catching a BLUE MARLIN 103inches, 350 plus lbs, 1.5 hour fight by a 27 year old country gal for her birthday on August 27th.  What a lifetime experience.  I kept on smiling all the way to the Venice Marina, when arriving seeing my name on the Leader Board – BLUE MARLIN JACKIE GROSS 350lbs I just smiled and thanked my Captains again.
What a day!   
I just though I would share with you a lifetime experience for me something that made me smile!  

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  1. Me and a friend have been talking about a tuna expedition for a few months now.After looking at that photo of that wow marlin you caught.Might have to start discussing a marlin adventure with my fishing buddy….lol Great Catch!

    • Thank you. That has still been the most exciting fishing adventure I have been on. I still want to go Tuna fishing without catching a blue 🙂 The best adrenlin excitement you can ask for. Thumbs up on your next fish adventure. Keep in touch and feel free to post your pictures on BowKrazy with Jackie facebook page! Good luck!

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