Big Girl Gun Blaser R8 375 H&H

From a BIG GRIN from ear to ear I have to say that I am so excited to be able to prepare for my Quest to Africa with Tahoe FilmsI received my Blaser R8 375 H&H with an additional 300 Win Mag barrel from Tahoe Films for the Extreme Huntress ContestNeed I say that this beautiful prized possession weighs a wee` bit more than I expected.  Did I mention I am still grinning!!! 

Bryan and Kevin from Timberline Sporting Goods in Rifle, Colorado took the pleasure to show me how to put together, take apart, & operate this Big Girl German GunI have been very fortunate to have such a great group of guys who have taught me how to shoot and take care of my guns. 

My next step it to mount my Aim Point Red Dot Scope onto each Barrel that was also received by Tahoe Films also.  I have never used an Aim Point so I am very excited to see it in action.  (Yep, still grinning)!

I will be traveling to Africa with Tom Opre Producer of Tahoe Films to hunt Cape buffalo with Martin Pieters SafariMy Fiancé TJ will be an observer and as a joke he said, “As long as I can run faster than my bride I will be ok” (but he knows I am faster)!  We are very excited to be able to experience this amazing opportunity from Tahoe Films and we want to thank everyone for all of their support during the Contest.