Archery Elk Hunting

What an amazing weekend hunting in Elk Country. TJ and I plus the puppies headed to the high mountains of the Rockies to hopefully have a successful harvest. After a midnight shock of a HUGE Lion in the middle of the road we just knew it was going to be an exciting adventure. We put up camp which consisted of us sleeping in the mega cab as it was FREEZING outside and Katie (our lab) took first watch. After T and I finally got a little comfy we could hear Katie snoring in the front seat. So much for our watch dog!!!! After about 3 hours of sleep we were off to where we thought the elk were going to be. Boy we were wrong! How could we have missed them? NO ELK we just shook our heads in confusion as to where did they go? We then glassed up on a mountain side and then saw what happened… Some hunters were right under us so with all of the pressure the elk must have bailed. We soon headed back to camp to take a little nap before we trucked it to our next honey hole. After a good drive we arrived to our next spot. The dogs were running around as they were in heaven. Katie and Stoli were on a chipmunk mission to try to see how many holes they could dig before they could catch a chipmunk (well neither of them was successful). LOL

Our buddy Kyle joined us and we were ready for our hunt. We hiked and hiked and hiked, surrounding ourselves with Mother Nature’s own Aspens & Quakies. As we looked for elk sign we saw everything you could imagine; from mule deer to grouse to a porcupine and a squirrel but NO ELK would come into bow range. After the exhausting day of hunting hard we finally headed back up to camp. Following the creek bottom Kyle and TJ decided to take a fishing break. Just to let you know neither one of them were successful with a bow or by hand! We didn’t have a successful harvest over the weekend but what we did have is many memories of the Outdoors. Maybe next time!